Engage your target audience

Social media has not only helped change the face of the internet, but reinvented the way we communicate, interact and engage with one another every day, whether in business or socially with friends.  In the same way it has become second nature in our lives, it has also become a pivotal tool to the successes of search engine optimisation.  Neither can afford to dismiss the values each one offers and with that a partnership has emerged.

At beseenonline, we understand that as search engines become more sophisticated and the marketplace more competitive, so grows the need for SEO, social media and content strategy to work together.  Integration of these starts with a good content strategy, which will coordinate your marketing and content efforts into one cohesive plan, ensuring search term research for SEO is fed through to social media forecasting and planning, providing direction and focus for your social media campaigns

Equally, the production of regular, relevant, quality and keyword rich content in the form of blogs, articles and feeds via social network sites, provide an all importance source of fresh and compelling content for your visitors to love – and of course win some brownie points with the search engines too.

Because we recognise the importance and value social media brings to search engine marketing, yet our SEO specialists have their hands full doing what they do best, we have chosen to work closely with social media partners in Kent, who have the expertise and skills to amplify your brand and engage your audience.  

The idea is that SEO and social media no longer work alone.  At the heart of our search engine optimisation services lies a wealth of data for our social media partner to plan their content calendar and tap into relevant trending.  Our social media partners are experts in:

  • Social strategy
  • Content creation
  • Brand management
  • Customer engagement

They specialise in helping businesses become social while we specialise in improving search engine rankings and delivering targeted traffic.

Our social partners work to a 6 stage methodology, based on 12 years’ experience in internet, mobile and social media marketing. The strategic and operational services offered take clients on a process through Monitoring, Strategy, Training, Content, Conversation & Reporting, underpinned by a strong SEO foundation.

To find out more about how beseenonline can help you with your social media strategy or indeed any other of our search engine marketing services, please phone 01795 810820 or complete our quick enquiry form here and we will be contact soon to discuss your requirements.